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ZLC Employee Benefits Solutions Professional Development Seminar


Tuesday, November 8th

7:30 am – 11:45 am

Professional Development Breakfast Seminar: Benefits Today 

The ZLC Employee Benefits Solutions team brings you our annual professional development series covering today’s trends in employee benefits and practical strategies and solutions to meet the needs of your business.  

Our line-up of speakers will share their insights and expertise during a morning seminar, with four engaging sessions. Network, learn, and walk away with actionable solutions for your employee benefits needs.  


Session 1 

Employee Benefits Costs for 2023 – Financial Update in an Ongoing Turbulent World 

Employee benefits plans continue to be a significant cost to employers and these costs continue to be under inflationary pressure.  Benefits plan sponsors continue to indicate that inflation is their biggest concern when managing benefits plans. In spite of higher inflation rates in the broader economy, employee benefits plan inflation is likely still higher than other areas of the business, and there is still no relief in sight. ZLC Employee Benefits Solutions Advisor, Dan Eisner, will provide ZLC’s projected inflation rate for employee benefits plans for 2023 and will help participants better understand what is driving that inflation. 

Speaker – Dan Eisner, ZLC Employee Benefits Solutions Advisor 

Session 2 

Retirement Benefit Insights: The Essential Guide to Retirement Plan Design Trends 

What are employers doing in today’s challenging workforce environment to attract and retain the key talent they need to run their business? Throughout the pandemic and the post-pandemic era, employers seek solutions to the unique problem of competing for key talent during ongoing low unemployment levels and rising labour costs. Hear how to most effectively invest in employee group retirement benefits programs to be more competitive in the labour market. Learn about how to keep your group retirement program compliant with the Capital Accumulation Plan guidelines and some proposed changes that we expect to see coming in this area.

Speaker – Vince Szeto, ZLC Employee Benefits Solutions Advisor

Session 3 

The “New Normal” in Disability Management – Learnings as we Move Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new “normal” on so many levels throughout society.  Disability management and employee health challenges are no exception. This seminar will explore how the pandemic has impacted the health of employees, what organizations need to focus on, and why effective Disability Management programs are more important than ever.

Speaker – Danny Palacios, Vice President, Client Services, Organizational Services Inc.

Session 4 

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent: Where to Allocate Budget? (Panel Discussion) 

With the tight labour market that many employers are facing, competitive compensation strategy on how best to attract and retain top talent is a common theme in the industry. This session will be a panel discussion to highlight the various aspects of compensation, including benefits, retirement, and other HR initiatives.  Participants will gain further insight into where they may want to consider allocating their people budget.

Moderator: Fab Biagini, Advisor, ZLC Employee Benefits Solutions
Panelists: Nancy Pereira, Vince Szeto, Advisors, ZLC Employee Benefits Solutions and Andrea Roberts, Managing Director, Vine23 Consulting


We’ll follow with a Q&A. If you have any questions in advance that you’d like us to cover, email us at 

Dan Eisner
ZLC Employee Benefits Solutions 
Fab Biagini
ZLC Employee Benefits Solutions 



Vince Szeto
ZLC Employee Benefits Solutions 
Nancy Pereira
ZLC Employee Benefits Solutions 


Danny Palacios
Vice-President, Client Services
Organizational Services Inc.
Andrea Roberts
Managing Director
Vine23 Consulting Inc


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The event will be at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, in the Saturna Room. The hotel is located at 900 W Georgia Street, and the Saturna Room is located on the Discovery Floor of the hotel, which is Floor 1 in the guestroom elevators.

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