Life Insurance & Living Benefits

Peace of mind for you, your family and your business

While the most common reason for life insurance is the death benefit that will go to your loved ones, there are also policies that insure you during your working years. Disability insurance protects you and your family (or business) from an unexpected illness or accident that leaves you unable to work and earn an income. Critical illness insurance provides a lump-sum cash payment if you become sick with an illness covered by your policy and survive the waiting period. For business owners, there are insurance strategies to help protect your business and get more out of your company’s assets.

Our Approach
We help you to make an informed choice. With many options in the marketplace—each having their benefits—we will work with you to find the best solution for your situation. Our team at ZLC will work with you through the process and periodically review your coverage to ensure you’re always covered. With any significant change in your life—such as a marriage or birth of a child—we welcome conversation to make any necessary changes. If you are a business owner, insurance can also help you enable tax-free withdrawals from your corporation and support the continuity of your business, including key person protection, buy-sell agreement, and funding capital gains tax.
What Does This Mean for You?
You will live your life with peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones and your business are financially protected if something happens to you—allowing them to spend more time helping each other through a difficult time instead of finding solutions for their financial situation.


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Best-in-class advice: Leverage our experience and superior advice to plan your insurance needs.

Relationships: We work with various insurance suppliers to provide the most competitive and suitable option for you.

Smart choices: ZLC’s team of tax specialists, insurance specialists and CPAs will provide you with optimal solutions.

We're Here to help
Ensure that you’re properly insured. A member of our team will be happy to discuss options that will help you achieve more with your finances.
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