Structured Settlements

Create a safety net for your future

Being involved in a personal injury claim can be overwhelming. With the right advice, important decisions can be made to ensure financial needs are covered and the settlement funds last. More than a tax-free payment choice, a structured settlements is a safe and secure option for each client’s day-to-day needs.

Our Approach
We specialize in structured settlement services in British Columbia with an eye for the individual. There is no standard approach—when meeting each client, we will educate and create scenarios that fit their life. We take into account a full-needs analysis, including other sources of income, benefits, cost of care, tax implications, family dynamics and future considerations. We go beyond the spreadsheets and ensure the concepts are clear and straightforward. The solutions we provide are as individual as every client.
What Does This Mean for You?
Our Structured Settlement Advisors in British Columbia have earned the trust and confidence of our clients. Everything we do is backed by a strong ethical foundation of integrity and professionalism. Most importantly, we never forget that we’re helping real people, with real problems, at a tumultuous time of their life.


ZLC has brokered some of the most complex multi-million-dollar cases in B.C. history.


ZLC has experienced tremendous success as a B.C.-based structured settlement broker, and is consistently helping clients to ensure their settlement meets with their financial needs.


Forefront of changes and updates


We offer consultation and customized design of each structured settlement, as well as ongoing servicing of the annuity for life at no cost. Plus, we’re available to answer your inquiries at any time.


Tax-free: When dealing with a personal injury, you have enough on your plate. A structured settlement is a tax-free option available to you.

Reduced risk: Our structured settlement advisors have a reputation for timely, accurate solutions that can eliminate your risk—guaranteed.

Peace of mind: All payments are secure and will not fluctuate with market conditions.

No surprises: No management fees—ever.

Customized approach: Designed to meet your very unique needs.

Structured Settlements in Alberta
In Alberta, there is the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) government program that provides income replacement and coverage for many care services to those who meet its requirements. A structured settlement is an income that is fully exempt and does not affect the level of benefits provided by the AISH. However, if the settlement is paid out in a lump sum settlement, the AISH benefit will be affected. If Albertans qualify for this program due to their injuries, we want to ensure they can access those benefits in the event they obtain a large settlement. A structured settlement allows your clients to access AISH while receiving ‘income’ from their structured settlement.
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