Employee Benefits & Retirement Group Plans

Finding better solutions for your Employee Benefits and Group Retirement plans

ZLC Employee Benefits Solutions Ltd. is one of the top advisors in Vancouver for employee benefits and group retirement programs. Our goal is to provide you with the most affordable benefits plan, as well as the peace of mind that your plan is financially sustainable going forward. Most importantly, we help to ensure that your benefits and retirement plans are relevant to your employees and your business strategy.

Our Approach

We leverage the experience of one of the most skilled benefits teams in the city. Over the years, our team has developed a reputation for quality and professionalism that is second to none. As such, we have been able to grow our client base primarily through direct referrals from our valued clients.

What Does This Mean for You?

We partner with our clients’ benefits teams to provide a full range of services related to employee benefits and group retirement plans, including strategy, plan management, benchmarking, vendor renewals and procurement, budgeting, compliance, and day-to-day administration support. Essentially, we become an added member of our client’s Human Resources team. You will never hear that something is “out of scope” or that we “need to prepare a cost estimate.”

years providing employee benefits advisory services

benefits programs currently being managed

group retirement plans

We have worked with companies ranging in size from 3 to over 75,000 plan members

team members in our employee benefits department: 6 advisors, 8 account executives, 5 service team members

years of combined experience in our department, making us one of the most skilled in Vancouver


Expertise: We draw upon a combined 400 years of employee benefits experience to navigate a complex industry.

Specialized skills: We have 150 years of experience on the insurer side of the business, our own internal underwriter, and the only CPA dedicated to employee benefits in the local market.

Personalized approach: Whether a group of 3 or over 75,000 plan members, ZLC has the expertise for every unique situation. For groups with less than 100 employees, ZLC’s proprietary Small Business Employee Benefits Solution may be right for you.

Independent advice: Our clients benefit from objective solutions that are independent of their advisor and any insure.

We're Here to help
Your employee benefits plan is an integral part of your overall compensation and employee retention strategy.
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