Retirement Solutions

Secure your retirement income by making smart choices today

You’ve worked hard and deserve to retire comfortably. By starting today, we will discuss financial strategies to sustain an active and fulfilling retirement. Whether you are now in retirement or it’s decades away, retirement planning is a lifelong process. Our advisors will guide you through various stages of retirement and provide tax-efficient strategies that support and enhance the retirement lifestyle you desire.

Our Approach
Your retirement plan should be as unique as you are. At which life stage are you now—working and setting money aside for retirement, in the middle of your career and assessing your income targets, or perhaps near retirement and looking at distributing retirement income to yourself? We will listen, then advise on a variety of strategies and solutions you’re comfortable with. If suitable, we can advise on reasonably safe ways to add to your nest egg.
What Does This Mean for You?
You have big retirement dreams, and we’ll guide you on your journey to reach them. We provide a clear plan with prioritized goals that help you make the right decisions along the way. We will become a long-term partner and prepare you for your next stage in life.

more in savings can be expected when working with advisors for 15+ years compared to those who don’t receive financial advice


Almost half of Canadians working today fear they might outlive their retirement savings ²


Two-thirds (65%) of people who have worked past age 66 did so because they needed the income ³


Sustainable income: Lock in a successful retirement with sustainable income solutions.

Informed Advice: Navigate the world of retirement planning with the help of our team of professional financial experts.

Reliable strategy: Unlock a reliable withdrawal strategy to maintain control of your assets.

Tax savings: Tax efficiency in the present and during retirement.

We're Here to help
Your retirement goals are within reach. Get in touch with a ZLC financial advisor in Vancouver to get started.
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