Business Family Succession

Secure a successful future plan for your business

Like many business owners, much of your time is likely consumed with nurturing, developing and expanding your business, and not enough planning for eventual succession. The absence of business succession planning can lead to critical financial consequences, which is why you need to start planning now. There are several considerations that business owners should be mindful of when planning for succession. Your ideal succession plan will depend on your specific scenario, your business goals and the financial wellbeing of your family.

Our Approach
Our approach is well-defined and rigorous, to ensure you have the best solution for securing the transition of your business. After understanding the challenges you are facing, our experienced Business Family Succession Planning experts will guide you through the complexities of the various stages of the process, ensuring that your business is appropriately cared for when it comes time to step aside.
What Does This Mean for You?
A well-planned succession strategy will be customized for you to help your family and your business move forward without disruption, in a manner that is in accordance with your business goals. Through our sound financial advice, we will help you preserve and enhance your wealth while making the transition a success for everyone involved. Business succession planning is an extensive process that requires strategic preparation. Learn your options and get sound advice talking to our experts. Visit Our Blog for the latest updates and news on Business Succession Plans.


of small business owners have no formal plan for their departure.


of family business transfers fail between generations.


of family businesses fail to succeed into the fourth generation


Continuity: Your business continues to operate as it always has, without disruption to your operations

Brand Protection: Leadership of your business is assumed by someone who shares your values, allowing the business to move forward in a manner that is in accordance with your wishes.

Clarity: Confusion is eliminated, to ensure that transition activities stay on track.

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There’s no better time than now to achieve more with your finances. When working alongside financial professionals with a long history of service in Vancouver, you can rest assured that your plan is working to meet your financial goals.
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