2024 Estate Planning Seminar 

Thursday, February 8th,
7:30 AM – 11:45 AM

Terminal City Club


The Great Wealth Transfer is here. Preparing well designed estate plans is key to ensuring the financial security of your clients, their businesses, and their families. Our morning seminar will update you on legislative changes and actionable strategies that will arm you in creating estate plans that minimize controversy and maximize your clients’ assets.

Session 1 – Keynote: The Great Canadian Wealth Transition: Opportunities and Threats
Family dynamics are changing, financial professionals struggle to create an urgent need for facilitated family meetings and an investment in formal family governance. Tom will guide us on how wealth can be successfully transferred while preserving both assets and the emotional health of the generations involved in the transfer.
Speaker: Tom Deans Phd, Author of Willing Wisdom

Session 2 – 2024 Tax Update.
A thorough review of 2024 tax updates, including AMT changes and implications.
Speaker: Ian Humphries, Partner, Thorsteinssons

Session 3 – Business Valuations: A review of approaches.
An overview on how to approach business valuations for your clients and the process and basics of different approaches.
Speaker: Andrew MacKenzie, Director, Blair Mackay Mynett Valuations Inc.

Session 4 – Advisor Roundtable: Repeatable and efficient strategies for building liquidity into estate plans.
Three of our top advisors will share case studies on building liquidity into client estate plans and minimizing tax liabilities after passing.
Speakers: Mike Buytels, Aeronn Zlotnik, Farzin Remtulla, Advisors, ZLC Financial
Moderator: Garry Zlotnik


Tom Deans

Willing Wisdom,


Mike Buytels

ZLC Financial,

Ian Humphries


Aeronn Zlotnik

ZLC Financial,

Andrew MacKenzie

Blair Mackay Mynett Valuations Inc.,

Farzin Remtulla

ZLC Financial,


The event will be held at Terminal City Club in the,
Wilson-Beck & Skidmore rooms. Terminal City Club is located on 837 West Hastings Street.

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