Joanna Zlotnik

Financial & Wellness Associate
Ext. 237
Joanna brings her wellness and coaching background to further develop client relationships at ZLC Financial — the company her grandfather founded. Financial well-being impacts an individuals’ mental and physical health, so Joanna helps clients with proper planning, financial readiness and literacy, working with clients to align personal, family, financial and wellness goals.

In her role, Joanna works with businesses, individuals and families to help them reach their financial health and personal wellness goals. Understanding that a company’s most valuable asset is its people, Joanna works closely with ZLC’s Employee Benefits Division to enhance education around health and wellness strategies and personal financial goals. Joanna believes focusing energy on the future of your estate, finances, and legacy is key to her clients’ long term success.

Joanna attended McGill University where she received her Bachelor’s degree in geology and has a Master’s degree from Royal Roads University, where she studied Environmental Management. Joanna had a decade long career in mining and environmental consulting. Joanna enhanced her career with a Masters Certificate at the Academy of Intuition Medicine and became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.


Joanna specializes in Financial well being, which is a state of being where an individual has achieved:

Minimal financial stress
Established a strong financial foundation
Created an ongoing plan to help reach their future financial goals


While, she is an avid golfer like all the Zlotniks, she has also become obsessed with kiteboarding. She loved the challenge of learning something completely new and foreign, spending time out on the water not only in beautiful BC but other great spots in the world. Time in nature with friends is one of her greatest joys, whether it’s out on the water, on the links or up in the mountains.


“It’s an honor for me to work at ZLC, carrying on the legacy my grandfather started, supporting clients to care for their loved ones by building and protecting their estates.”