Successful ways financial advisors can grow their business

By John Lutrin, President of ZLC Financial

Being a Financial Planner, Tax and Estate Planner and/or Investment Advisor can be extremely challenging – even in the best of times. Day in and day out, clients look to them as the experts when seeking guidance and direction on their financial matters. But what about advisors themselves? How do they get advice on how to become a better professional? Who can they lean on for support when working on their business as well as in it?

ZLC President, John Lutrin, shares some pieces of advice that he believes to be extremely valuable for Financial Advisors who aspire for success in this business. If you are a Financial Advisor looking to expand new horizons, read on for some of John’s ideas and suggestions:

  1. Work in Partnership – do you have a strong network of professionals around you? Don’t be afraid to bring in the specialist – it only enhances your credibility with clients when they see you including technical specialists where needed.
  2. Build solid relationships with professionals around you – it is a great way to share and gain knowledge, wisdom, best practices, and insights. Leveraging effective Centres of Influence can be invaluable.
  3. Go above and beyond – show a sincere interest in your client’s life goals, not just their financial goals. Sincerity and empathy go far.
  4. Share your knowledge – you have a lot. Let it be known, earn your credibility and trust by displaying your worth.
  5. Keep in touch with clients – maintain a thorough business relationship with your clients. Being there for clients when they need you most is key to a long term relationship.
  6. True Professional – make a meaningful difference to what matters most for clients and be rewarded by seeing your clients enjoy the peace of mind you provide.
  7. Be human, be authentic – implementing technology is great, but avoid automating too much. Each client has unique needs and one tool doesn’t fit all.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the Financial Advisor job just got a whole lot tougher. It has become clear that nothing is certain. Being able to rely on infrastructure and receive support at uncertain times is something that can make the difference, as support allows advisors to focus their attention on their core business – serving clients without distraction. The pandemic has accelerated challenges but brought tons of opportunities too. In our opinion, the key factor for an Advisor’s success will always be the relationships. Clients come to Advisors for the human touch and this has to be top of mind with those who want to succeed in the financial industry.

If you feel overwhelmed and burdened with administrative or unproductive tasks, maybe it’s time for you to consider a move.

At ZLC, we help Advisors with resources and team support which is extremely valuable, so you can focus on what’s most important and what you do best. We are always ready to bring on growth-oriented Financial Advisors in the Greater Vancouver area, who are looking for independence while being supported with a solid supporting infrastructure.

Check out our careers page for more details.

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