Strength in numbers is key. By joining this solution, you will belong to an exclusive buying consortium with hundreds of other employee benefits plans and enjoy the benefits of mass purchasing power.

Financial Advisor
Putting the state of business into perspective

ZLC’s proprietary formula to boosting
the power of your Benefits Program

Financial Savings

Members can realize material savings on their benefit plan costs. By taking advantage of the purchasing power of this buying consortium, the insurer’s costs are structurally lowered, which has a direct impact on reducing your premium rates. These savings are sustainable as they do not represent marketing discounts that will disappear after the first renewal.

First Class Service
We become an extension of your Human Resources team and partner with you to provide a full range of services related to your benefits program including strategy, vendor renewals and procurement, budgeting, and day-to-day plan administration support. We take a “team of three” approach, with an Advisor, an Account Executive, and a Service Representative all assigned to your company, ensuring that you always have support when you need it.

Rate Stability at Renewal

Typically for smaller groups, the annual renewal process with insurers can be a bumpy ride, with significant fluctuations in rate adjustments year-over-year. By being part of a buying consortium, you have peace of mind that your plan is financially predictable and sustainable. Claims experience and employee demographics are combined, providing financial stability to you and minimizing rate volatility at current and future renewals.

Plan Design Accessibility

You have access to plan design features that you would not be able to access outside of the consortium. You will  have more flexibility in selecting the right plan at an appropriate price point. This ultimately allows you to provide employees with coverage that is relevant to their needs.

Access to Employee Benefits Experts

ZLC has one of the most experienced benefits teams in BC. With almost 400 years of collective industry experience, including 150 years on the insurer side, our team of 19 individuals is able to deliver the best rates and provide comprehensive and objective solutions to your benefits questions.