ZLC Foundation hosts 34th Charity Golf Tournament

34th ZLC Foundation Charity Golf Tournament – July 22nd, 2019

Taking place on July 22nd at Richmond Country Club, our ZLC Foundation Charity Golf Tournament is a tradition we are very proud of! Over the past 34 years, sponsors, donors, guests, golfers and volunteers have helped us raise over $1.3 MILLION for beneficiaries of ZLC Foundation.

“One of ZLC’s most central objectives is to give back to the community around us; our annual Golf Tournament is just one of the ways that we are able to do that. In the past two years, we have raised over $164,000 through the tournament for Coast Mental Health. The event is a great opportunity to encourage our people get involved in making a difference.’’ – Aeronn Zlotnik, Tournament Chair and President of the ZLC Foundation.

The Cause

For the third year, funds raised from the tournament will benefit Coast Mental Health (CMH), a Vancouver based non-profit organization that inspires hope for people living with mental illness in our communities. Since 2006, ZLC Financial and ZLC Foundation have contributed over $250,000 to support the critical services and programs of Coast Mental Health. The support from ZLC Financial and this tournament ensure people in need have access to quality community-based mental health services – including housing, support services, and employment and education programs to support their recovery.

Their Stories

Tim has been a Clubhouse member for over 15 years, and he’s still active in the Coast community.
After serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, Tim discovered that he was suffering from PTSD, depression, bipolar disorder, and ADHD. He began using cannabis as a coping mechanism to mask his emotions and manage his mental health condition and the challenges he experienced as a result of it. Tim discovered Coast Clubhouse which offers him the opportunity to take the first steps of their recovery journey. “I started visiting the Coast Clubhouse almost every day. There, I got to enjoy daily warm and nourishing meals… and meet new friends… I came [back] because the members taught me how to socialize… [and somehow] I felt like I was on my A-game at Coast”. Read more about Tim’s story

Michael Faithfull is another great example of how CMH has impacted people’s lives.

Michael experienced some difficult situations throughout his life and has been able to get through them and continued on to help others too. He is a former Coast Client and a Current Peer Support Worker. “I grew up not really knowing about mental illness – not even when it was looking me straight in the face.” When he was a child, Michael’s mother suffered from mental illness, and in adulthood Michael faced his own devasting situation when his son passed away from an overdose, and he was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. “I started to turn inwards, and eventually resigned from my job. I soon found myself near homeless and struggling to continue. When I began working with the Peer Support Program that I saw a huge change in my recovery.” Michale smiles.
The Peer Support Program quickly gave him a better way of dealing with his own past by helping people manage theirs. Read more about Michael’s story

Our support

ZLC believes in the power of recovery and we are very proud to support the work that CMH does within our community. This year’s event is bringing some exciting new partnerships and on course activities, and we look forward to a fantastic day on the course with our guests. We hope to provide lots of opportunities to raise money!

“We’re busy gearing up for the event and we are all very excited! A big thank you to our generous sponsors, supporters, vendors and volunteers that are helping make this event possible” – Aeronn Zlotnik.

The event

Each year we strive to create a golf experience that is better than the last. Guest’s afternoon will start with lunch on RCC’s rooftop deck overlooking the course and finish off with cocktails, a top-notch three-course dinner, and exciting prize giveaways. From the time they tee off, golfers will be treated to fantastic on course experience, and we hope to raise lots of money for CMH along the way.

Want to get involved? Visit our Event Page.

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