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Group buying allows BSIA member companies to keep prices low while securing higher benefit levels and more flexibility in the plan design
Why take advantage of this partnership?
Finding a Better Way for Your Employee Benefits By taking advantage of the significant purchasing power of the BSIA, members benefit from significant sustainable savings, by structurally lowering the insurer’s costs. Members are also able to secure higher benefit levels and more flexibility, again by leveraging the purchasing power of the Association. Each BSIA member is able to customize their plan to meet their unique needs.
Experienced Employee Benefits Experts
Lower Expense Charges
Rate Stability at Renewal
More coverage for less premium
Your Dedicated Service Team
Creative solutions
Member Advantages

Lower costs - BSIA member companies have access to our industry “buying consortium” and employee benefits plan pool that leverages the combined purchasing power of all companies to obtain lower costs for employee benefit plan coverage from Canada Life

Sustainable savings - No more “rate whiplash” associated to changing insurers or annual renewals, as the large BSIA pool spreads the risk for coverage over all participating companies resulting in “no surprise” renewals

Flexibility - Each company in the pool can customize plan designs to address their specific group benefits and retirement needs, which includes better coverage than can be acquired independently

World-class benefit consulting - ZLC is the most experienced employee benefits team in Vancouver with over 350 years of combined experience within their team

Employee Retention- Increase employee retention by offering industry benchmarked plan designs

Group Retirement Plans

Buying Power - Competitive group buying power where your employees can benefit from lower investment management fees than they could get on their own

Flexibility- Flexible plan design options that allow each company to exercise control over the plan

Straightforward - Simple to operate with no ongoing plan administration fees

Exclusive - Access to best in class investment funds and easy to use portfolio solutions

Payroll deduction - Easy to contribute

Employer matching contribution - Boost on retirement savings

User-friendly - Easy to use investment solutions and access to great web portals, tools and member statements.

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